The Asia-Pacific KM Summit 2017


KM-SUMMIT 2017 takes place on August 8th - 9th, 2017


KM-SUMMIT 2017 will be held in The Alana Yogyakarta Hotel and Convention Center, Yogyakarta - Indonesia


Nowadays the development of economy towards globalization in the Asia-Pacific is characterized by the rapid development in information technology and the acceleration of knowledge flow. On one hand, it has an implication on the importance of human capital development based on knowledge (knowledge-based human development) to support activities in organization as competition requires the mastery of information-based technology and knowledge management to be applied in the organization's activities in order to gain benefits from them. On the other hand, globalization has changed the perspective of business community in the world into the perspective of knowledge society and has an impact on the development of knowledge-based competition marked by the free and open flow of human exchanges which are competent and experienced in the Asia-Pacific. To respond to the changes and the global trend, it is necessary to manage knowledge in the organization so that the organizational effectiveness and performance can be optimized.


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